Friday, February 06, 2009

Chillin' out on Friday Night



Tonight I am thinking of my parents and missing them. Sometimes you know you have to have your own space (state) in order to have your own life and identity but it doesn't mean you don't miss being near people who mean a lot to you.

Aren't they a handsome pair?? I have always loved these photographs of my parents. Why? Well for many reasons. But one that comes to mind is think of and see your parents in one way. You know. They're your PARENTS. But then I see these glamorous shots of them and think, "Wow! They are so young and gorgeous! I wonder what they were like at the age [early 20s]."

What else is going on? Let's was a CRAZY week at work. C-R-A-Z-Y. Meeting, meeting, meeting. Talks, emails, tracking info and people...on and on. But we did have a great Friday? Why? My trainers came home! They've been on the road for weeks and it was just fantastic to hear them in the office and to have a chance to just be together as a team. In their honor, I hosted Treat Friday. Food + friends = FUN!

And tonight I'm enjoying blogging, working with some photos (organizing) and watching TV. :) What Not to Wear, Unwrapped (The Secret Life of Pizza) and next up will be several episodes of CSI (original). No work tonight. I am giving myself that. Tomorrow? Bee check!


Hope said...

Oh, Thien - your parents are heartbreakingly beautiful . . . and young . . .
I especially was touched by this post.


SoniaZ said...

I just L O V E these pictures. So elegant. Reminds me of Pancho and Irma's pictures right before they married.